Who we are

About DCLM

Dolphin Coast Landfill Management (DCLM), a proud Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor, is part of the Veolia Group. 

Our global operational expertise across industrial hazardous and non-hazardous wastes enables us to develop an industry specific waste management plan and implement the most optimal waste management solution. Furthermore, our solutions are tailored to identify and recover additional resources, increase recycling and avoid disposal costs. Our experts work from source to final treatment, ensuring safety and reliability at every step, using innovative and digital systems to provide complete waste traceability, reporting and an environmental footprint. 

DCLM currently operates an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory, thus ensuring that all analysis is conducted to a quality which is of an international standard, and that treatment and disposal of waste is performed in an environmentally safe and responsible manner. 

Total Land Area: 144.6 hectares

Total Landfilling permitted: 49.2 hectares

Total Airspace, up to: 13.8 million m3

Total no. of cells in the future: 13


Cell 1: 700.000m/ Temporarily capped in 2014

Cell 2: 1.3000.000 m/ Under exploitation

Cell 3: 1.550.000 m(approx.) / Under construction


We're excited to be able to continue offering our services to the greater KwaZulu-Natal community, whilst we continue to focus on development of viable and sustainable waste management solutions for the future.
Nick Mannie
Managing Director, DCLM