Our Solutions

To provide our clients with the best possible solutions for all waste challenges.

Our aim is to provide sustainable management of liquid and/or hazardous waste treatment. 

Services include: 

Solid Waste Treatment, Recycling & Recovery:  

  • Municipal solid waste collection
  • Industrial and commercial waste collection
  • Landfilling 
  • Waste to energy: incineration
  • Product recovery from waste: papers, packaging, WEEE, glass
  • Product recovery from waste: plastics
  • Organic waste valorization: sludge from wastewater treatment, Bio-waste

Liquid & Hazardous Waste Treatment & Recovery:

  • Industrial hazardous waste collection and treatment
  • Liquid waste collection and transportation
  • Product recovery from HW: solvents, by-products from O&G industry, used oils
  • Soil remediation


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